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- Timothy Jephson, Author -

A practicing pharmacist for over twenty years, Timothy Jephson lived in London before moving abroad to work in Bermuda. Whilst living in Bermuda, he became intrigued with the tragic events that inspired The Governors.The sequel to ‘The Governors’ series is well under way, titled ‘Deleted.’ 

- Synopsis -

Rioting rocks Bermuda and the Police Commissioner is murdered. The very fabric of 1970’s Island society is being dismantled. Governor Sharples, a highly decorated veteran from World War II arrives to restore peace, but the democratic process to eradicate racial inequality is taking too long for the Black Beret Cadre. They seek change by any means. Declaring their Death List, they launch a decade of terror. A cloud of fear smothers the Island. By the end of the storm, five murders have been committed, young love has been decimated, and countless families destroyed. Two of the guilty face the death penalty. The last executions to ever be carried out on British Territory. A sentence that sent shock waves through the British Establishment.

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