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 "May I just say, The Governors had so much.  Lots of characters, but not too many,  I could keep track of everyone. They were very believable and I could sense the frustration of the Black Beret Cadre, and Buck, with there lot in Bermudan life.   You developed them so well.  And all this in the sun, a perfect summer read.

Combining actual historical events with fictious characters is a great recipe for making a story come alive.

It was staggering the amount of research that you must have undertaken to develop the story.  I knew many of the names you featured in the political world, and it made the whole book so much more believable and a really good read.

Thanks for the Cocktail recipes, Goslings Gold Seal and Black Seal Rums are obviously favourites of yours!

I think you said that you had started writing another book, can't wait to read it!  Congratulations on this book I really enjoyed it!" KM.

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